Share rides with people just like you.

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Share your trip

If you already go to work using your car, don’t miss the opportunity to pick up amazing people on your way and do a smart twist on your commutes.

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Enjoy your trip

If arrive at your work is no easy task, you don't have a vehicle or simply you aren't in the mood to drive, reserve a trip and share your experience with others.

Join the movement

Sharing rides with others has a real impact.

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Reduce Traffic

Most of the people commute alone. By sharing rides, you'll help keeping vehicles out of the road and also reduce traffic.

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Are you tired to see empty vehicles accessing your city?. Cooperate sharing your trips and help to reduce both environmental harm and carbon footprint.

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Be part of the kommunity

We encourage you to take part into a sustainable community and consistent with a new interurban mobility lifestyle and philosophy. Join now!